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Aw man the memories :')


Loved it man! Pacing is a little slow though, and could maybe use a little background music here and there.
Other than that I digged your animation style and lip syncing. Keep it up!

Nice mate

Really good to see more and more artists straying away from the traditional madness style and sticking with their own and adapting it with their own madness characters.
Cool original fight sequences too, and especially loved the delirious grey dude, that was brilliant and nicely animated.

But I have to agree with the guy below referring to the fighting being sort of awkward. The animation was very smooth, but it lacked something. They felt somewhat stiff, especially in the beginning. I think it had something to do with how upright and emotionless the characters were most of the time. They don't really look like they're trying all that hard to fuck each other up.

But aside from that it was fun to watch, well done mate.

Ypok responds:

More body language. That's it.
Thanks for pointing that out for me.

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You do good job chasing monks!


Haha, nice work man, sounds were clear and it had a nice layout. I like how you used the actual in game menu :p
Although I would have like to see some better quality pictures for the background.

It's good to see there are some other Wolf ET players who know how to use flash :D


Great layout, navigation and presentation. Was pretty easy to follow.

Just a few suggestions on your walk cycles.
See if you can sorta make them a little more fluent/smooth. I pretty much use the same technique, yet those cycles seemed to always snap around in the loop, if ya get me :/
I think it's because you didn't use that many keyframes for the cycle. Usually you require a lot more frames since walking is a slow movement. Yours sorta seemed like a power walk.
Also, with the arms, I find that they naturally tend to swing with the opposite leg.

But yeah anyway, it was pretty good for a basic walk cycle and seemed like a great tutorial for beginner animators. You have the technique down pat, just need a little better execution. Practice makes perfect :P
Keep it up man.

StillBeatingPictures responds:

yeah, it could probably work better with more frames in the cycle, but then again if you throw a 30 frame cycle at someone, it can be intimidating =D

thanks for your review!

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Very nice

Haha, I enjoyed it.

I dont know much about music to critique it much but it had a good mix of different moods which was cool. Especially the sneaky part (like 1:45-2:20)

Nice :D

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Wot da fuk??

Where's the crazy insane colouring that I love you for?
No matter, this still fucking rocks! :D

Epic shading man.

Fuckin love this.

Stylish man, I love the black outline and the blend of blue and pink.

Nice one! :D


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